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Pro Coaching Program – Jumpstart Your $100k Business

Grow Your Way to $100K Coaching

Your dream of making a full-time living from backyard growing will become a reality with weekly guidance from those who are proving it can be done. Over 7 weeks, a successful Backyard Riches grower will step you through the system, explaining just what you need to know when you need to know it, so your understanding builds as you go and you are not overwhelmed. They’ll make sure you are doing what you need to do, when you neeed to do it, and straighten out wrong turns and keep you focused on what matters most to your success.

Everyone in our programs has the same # 1 challenge...getting from intention to action. That’s why we created the Backyard Riches Coaching Programs. Having someone to guide you, answer to, and cheer you on, keeps you on-task and makes sure you achieve your income goal.

Each week you and other members of your learning group log in to a live learning session, led by someone who is earning money with our programs, who serves as your guide and coach. They review the learning material for that week, explain what needs to be completed next and why, answer questions from the group, and offer advice based on their own success. You’ll also benefit from sharing in the experiences and challenges of other group members, all with the common purpose of turning their backyards into significant amounts of cash.

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