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    Hi SPIN Farmers,

    Some of the seedlings I direct seeded in my Earthboxes are looking rather drained. This is due to the fact that their is little nutrition in the potting mix I’ve filled my Earthboxes with. I’m thinking of adding either or both a compost topdressing and/or dropping a teaspoon of fish emulsion as well as a teaspoon of liquid kelp down the watering tubes (although this is high on the Earthbox company’s list of big “no-nos”). Does anyone have any thoughts on the effectiveness of these two approaches I’m considering?

    Binyamin Klempner
    Unity Farm
    Yishi, Israel

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    Once your seedlings get withered you kind of lost the potential for plants that can produce well. Might as well cut your losses and resow and making sure they are in the best environmental conditions you can provide so they stay alive and thrive. Adding liquid kelp or top dressing might just burn them out at this stage. Also have your seedlings produced true leaves yet? Then it isn’t a fertility problem. Also I suggest soaking your seeds before direct seeding. Make sure the soil is always moist and if they are a soilless mix I would mix in some slow release fertilizer or compost etc into the mix.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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