$100k Program – Grow Your Way To $100k

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This comprehensive program gives you everything you need to build a solid business and make 5 figures in your first year.
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In the Included 16 guides Here's What You'll Learn


The 100k Program will teach you how to:

  • Design guidelines to maximize production  
  • A relay planting concept that produces a consistent supply of a wide variety of vegetables for the longest possible time without costly season extension
  • Which high-value crops to grow 
  • Which gear and tools you need, and their costs
  • Day-to-day workflow to manage all the various growing and operational tasks
  • Professional grade harvesting and prepping for market protocols
  • Pricing schemes
  • Best marketing practices
  • Multiple sales channel to choose from
  • Revenue targeting formulas to produce steady cashflow
  • A lexicon that provides the framework for thinking like a pro

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Learn about SPIN farming, marketing, design and more!

With this program you get these step-by-step guides:

  • Guide # 1 - Overview of the SPIN-Farming system
  • Guide # 2 - Establishing a land base, City Farming’s Competitive Advantages, and SPIN Farm design
  • Guide # 3 – SPIN Tools and Investments
  • Guide # 4 -  Key SPIN Concepts
  • Guide # 5 -  SPIN Grower’s Guide
  • Guide # 6 – SPIN Work Flow Practices
  • Guide # 7 – SPIN Marketing
  • Guide # 8 -  Hobby Farm:  earn $10,000 - $20,000 gross income on 5,000 square feet (1/8 acre)
  • Guide # 9 - Intermediate Farm: earn $54,000 gross income on (20,000 square feet ( ½ acre) )
  • Guide # 10 - Deluxe Farm: earn $65,000 gross income on 40,000 square feet (1 acre)
  • Guide # 11 – Leafy Greens – earn $24,000 gross income on 6,500 sq. ft
  • Guide # 12 – Garlic – earn $23,250 gross income on 6,000 sq. ft.
  • Guide # 13 – Carrots and Potatoes - earn $32,000 gross income on 40,000 sq. ft (1 acre)
  • Guide # 14 – Lettuces, Salad Mixes, Radish, Scallion & Spinach- earn $35,000 gross income on 10,000 sq. ft. (14/ acre)
  • Guide # 15 – Flowers - $33,750 gross income 6,500 sq. ft
  • Guide # 16 – Four season marketing – earn $30,000 gross income in winter without increasing your growing space or buying expensive season extenders
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    Testimonials: Look What Our Customers Have To Say

    "I sold 11 bags of one crop and 6 bags of another crop. I'm so pleased because I am one of those shy people that have a hard time marketing myself. But I actually had fun at market! The Seed to Cash program was awesome because it got me out of my comfort zone. I felt comfortable at the market, engaged potential customers easily and found that it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I found that it was something that I could easily handle and felt confident about doing it again with more crops."


    "I received absolutely raving reviews on my Seed to Cash product. Everyone I spoke with who bought a bag thought it was delicious. We will certainly be having repeat customers. It’s a product that sells itself."


    "NEXT GOAL: Perfect my work flow and record keeping so that I can advance to level 3 and double my income to $2,000 a week."


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